Elevate & strengthen your brand

Thinking of taking your customer experience to the next level, say about 30,000 feet? Flightful lets you sponsor inflight Wi-Fi access from text messaging up to full internet access, or even your brand's preferred custom-tailored content.

Flightful partnership benefits

Increase customer loyalty

Reward your existing customers with uninterrupted connectivity when they fly. Flightful is an easy to use app that has a simple one-click solution to connect to in-flight networks. No lengthy sign-ups, no expensive fees, only happy customers!

Gain new customers

Everyone wants to be connected anytime and anywhere - even when flying. Give consumers an option to always be connected when you add Flightful to your offers.

Maintain a competitive advantage

Distinguish yourselves from competitors. Deliver a unique product that brings connectivity above the clouds when you partner with Flightful.

Coming soon on Google Play Store.
We'll keep you updated