Free Inflight Messaging

Get more with Premium and Full internet access.

Flightful is unique

Flightful connects users to inflight Wi-Fi networks on GoGo and Telekom Flynet equipped aircraft. Basic service is FREE inflight messaging* on Signal, WhatsApp, Messenger, and iMessage. Get access to more messaging and email apps on Premium subscription plan or enjoy full internet access starting at $1.99.

* Text-based messaging only. No photos, videos, streaming supported.

Hassle-free messaging

Easily connect to inflight Wi-Fi networks after a one-time-only registration. With Flightful, you’re always online and connected, minus the lengthy sign-ups and expensive fees -  no more communication blackouts during flights!

It’s safe and secure

To improve your online experience, we use a safe and encrypted connection for all data to-and-from your phone while also providing a hassle-free one-click log-in to avoid entering personal information.

Let's partner

Distinguish yourselves from competitors by bridging the connectivity gap at 30,000 feet. Flightful enables innovative brands to sponsor complimentary in-flight Wi-Fi with tailored access to specific content and applications of choice.

Coming soon on Google Play Store.
We'll keep you updated